Monday, February 8, 2010

Disadvantages of Biomass

By zim?

In the push to find more efficient sources of energy, biomass is a somewhat popular option. Biomass is the changing of organic material in a manner that creates heat or propulsion. A example of this would be the burning of wood. This examples easily demonstrates the problem with Biomass. First, before we tell the disadvantages you must understand the Biomass cycle that is naturally occurring on our planet. Simply put, the Biomass cycle regulates the amount of carbon (Stated as the cause of global warming) in the atmosphere. The primary form of Biomass lies in plants (plants use carbon to grow) which act as natural sponges that take the carbon out of the atmosphere. But they have their limits on the amount of carbon they can take this is a disadvantage in itself and it is made even worse due things such as deforestation. With the Biomass cycle in perception the disadvantages of Biomass energy is that it puts more carbon in the atmosphere. So simply stated Biomass energy does not really decrease the amount of carbon in the atmosphere. Even though plants are renewable unlike fossil fuels we do not decrease our carbon use.

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