Wednesday, March 23, 2011

a real workout

By Mallory Coats

Once upon a time there was this guy. You know that one guy with the face? Yeah, that one. Anyway, there is this ocean (the one with water) and its just sitting there. And up on the shore there is a gym for people to work out. Turns out that this gym wastes a lot of energy and isn't very useful. They keep the lights on all day and they pay for electricty for the machines. This gym happens to have a lot of customers and there are people there all day. It takes a lot of electricity to keep a gym open that long. So my idea is, "Why don't we just use the man power from people on the exercise bikes to power the lights?" That way people would get a good work out and save electricity. Their memberships would be cheaper because the gym doesn't have to pay for all that power.

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