Monday, February 7, 2011

Water Powered Jet Pack OMG!!!

Ever dreamt of flying? Well if so, your dreams are about to come true (if you have the money, of course). A company called JetLev has created a jetpack that is powered by water. A Canadian inventor named Raymond Li has been working on this creation for the past ten years. Now his invention will be available this summer. The jetpack has three parts to it. The backpack part, a 10 meter hose, and an engine that is also a flotation device. The hose is important in keeping the jetpack in the air. It sucks water up, then powerfully spits it out through two nozzles, concluding in 500 pounds of force and reaching speeds up to 22 mph! I warn you before you go out and buy one for yourself, though. The JetLev jetpack set at the price of $99,500! This creative idea is going to bring to life the fantasy of flying for many people. :)

By Rhyan Montgomery

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