Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Soda kills.

By Mallory Coats

( I still love soda even though I wrote this blog.)

Do people really think about how much they waste when they grab a soda at a gas station? Let's take a journey through time back to last week.

1. There was this little hunk of plastic.

2. A factory used electricity and energy to shape it.

3. It is now a bottle.

4. It is shipped in a truck with a bunch of other bottles to a Soda company.

5. The truck uses fossil fuels to run.

6. When the bottles get to the plant it wastes even more energy to make the soda.

7. Then they put plastic labels on the bottle.

8.Then the little bottle is in another truck.

9.Then, when it finally gets shipped, it sits in a fridge.

10. The fridge uses energy.

11. Then you come along and grab it and pay for it at the cash register.

12. That uses electricity.

13. Then you leave and get in your truck.

14. That uses more energy.


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