Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Water Conservation #2

Here are some more tips to save water:

  • Monitor your water bill often. An unusaully high use can help you discover leaks.

  • Water your lawns when temperatures are cooler so less evaporation happens and more water goes into the grass.

  • Wash fruits and vegatables in a pan instead of running water.

  • Spread organic mulch around plants so they retain water moisture and that saves water.

  • Use broom instead of hose to clean your driveway.

  • Replace water head with a water efficient water head.

  • Collect water after washing fruits and vegatables and use it to water plants.

  • If water runs off your lawn really easy, split watering period into two, short watering periods.

  • Be sure to check outdoor leaks that are unnoticable.

  • If you have an automatically water filling device, check for the devices to have leaks.


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