Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The other windmill

There are many different kinds of windmills, but the best energy producing, are horizontal and vertical windmills. They are called that because of the way that the centeral axle is located. on a horizontal windmill, the blades are connected to a rotating centerpiece, which is connected to a axle that either leads to the joint, where the generator is, or has a gear on the end and turns an axle that leads down to a bottom generator. Vertical windmills are different in the way that the axle is strait up, and the turbines turn the axle, which makes energy down in the generator, which is the base, or is buried in the ground. Vertical windmills have more designs then horizontal windmills, yet they produce just as much power. The blades of a vertical windmill can vary, but most of them are in a screw shape, as to better catch the wind, from any direction.

INCOMPLETE- Mitchell Ellinwood

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