Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Creative Recycling

by Tori Riggs

More and more people are turning green and staying that way. Some of these people are simply putting aluminum cans in recycling cans and washing their clothes in cold water instead of warm. Of course, there are also these people who recycle in new, crazy ways. Look at these different recycling ways to find out some new ways that you can recycle.

  1. Designers have discovered a brand new way to recycle: making clothes into carpets. These designers simply stitch the shirts and coats together to make a cool, easy to use carpet that you can cut into smaller pieces to fit anywhere.

  2. A company called Remarkable has made brand new school suppilies from recycling other objects. These school supplies have information about their origons on their covers. For example, there is a notebook that says 'I used to be a juice carton...' on the cover with a picture of an arrow pointing to the juice carton and the word 'Recycle.' This makes shopping for school much greener in the fall.

  3. For a more fasionable way to go green, Italian designer Marcella Foschi recycles dying or dead technology into interesting fasions. Her cassette tape coin purses are cute and collectible as well as functional.

These ways to recycle are interesting and can inspire many different, insane ideas to go green with recycling.

For more creative recycling ways, go to http://ecoble.com/2008/03/12/10-unusually-creative-ways-to-recycle-ordinary-objects/.

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