Friday, April 30, 2010

Offshore Wind Farms

By Julie and Grace

The need for clean power generation is extreme. In order to meet the demand Siemens Power is working to solve the issue by onshore, coastal, and offshore wind turbines. Since the winds at sea are more powerful and constant than on land, offshore wind turbines will be more effective than onshore turbines. Unfortunately, offshore turbines are harder to install and maintain due to the harsh conditions sometimes encountered on the sea. There are also many constraints relating to fishing, bird migration, and shipping lanes. Some people also believe it will cause environmental disturbance and interfere with the view.

There are many offshore wind farms off the shores of Europe and a American wind farm off of Cape Code is being proposed. This can be a huge benefit to the economy because it will provide much needed jobs while helping the environment.

April 28 legislation passed to build a wind farm off the Massachusetts coast. Previous efforts to do so had been blocked by Senator Ted Kennedy.

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