Friday, April 30, 2010

A Green World.

By: Chaaya

Nowadays no one can go anywhere with out billboards, ads and people on the street talking about how to go green. This one color has become a part of our daily life. Have you ever wondered why they chose the color green to symbolize the movement? Maybe because green is the most common color in nature, or they put all the colors in a raffel and picked one. Well I can't tell you why they picked that color but what I can tell you is that you can do your part. Everything is helpful especially when it comes to making a better future. Even if your part is telling a friend about this world-wide movement and what they can do to help, it's still doing something. In school we are learning about being more energy and environmentally friendly each and every day. Since the schools are doing the job of educating the new generation about the world they will live in, what are you planning to do to help with the movement? Food for thought...

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