Friday, April 30, 2010

Cities That Are Taking Action!

By zim?

In the town that is quite possibly the only town that is not a town and is in a state that it is not in, Unalaska, Alaska has a list of things that you can do to save energy. This is very vital to the town due to the harsh winters and the tons of snow Alaska is commonly known for. during the Alaskan winters it is dark almost 24/7. This and the daily snow storms make traveling nearly impossible so supplies are very limited in the winter and have to be used with discretion. The tips are so simple that they require about as much effort as typing on your computer. The tips include: checking to make sure your fridge seals tightly, keeping clean air filters in your air conditioner,and there are other tips on there too. This is just a small step but small steps like these can make a big difference in the future, both for your wallet and the environment. Now, here is something for you, if such a small town is putting forth an effort this large compared its size, what is your town or community doing??

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