Monday, April 5, 2010

Mercury Poisioning

Today, the natural balance of the oceans' waters is disrupted by our lifestyles. All of our exhaust from factories and cars are not only polluting the air but the oceans. We think this is not affecting anything but it is. It is poisoning the water, which is poisoning the fish in the form of methlymercury, and then it is poisoning us in the form of mercury poisoning.

Mercury is a heavy metal that causes toxic effects when you are exposed to it. These toxic effects include serious damage to the brain, kidney, and lungs that can lead to death. Mercury is now apart of the ocean's water. As the fish live in the toxic water, the mercury stays in their blood. Even if a fish is not infected by the poison, if they eat another fish that is they become infected. As this disease works up the food chain it eventually ends with us.

Many people suffering from mercury poisoning do not know it. If you eat fish on a regular bases, you will most likely have mercury in your blood. This does not mean you have mercury poisoning but you will if you continue to consume infected fish. The only way to stop the wide spread poisoning of mercury is to stop it at the source and clean up the oceans or else it will be to late to stop.

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