Monday, April 5, 2010

The great ocean garbage dump

by - Hezikia

Do you ever wonder where all the trash in the world goes that is nor recycled and not put into land fills? The answer is that it is all dumped into the ocean. There plastic , which is not bio-degradable just breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces. When it gets small enough fish can start eating it, when fish do this it wrecks their digestive system. Other threats are that birds mistake floating bottle caps for food and give that to their young. The trash comes from mostly Asian countries like Japan, Indonesia, and others. But a large portion does come from the United states. It would be impossible to dredge out all of the trash, so the best way to slow it down is to stop it at its source , places where trash gets dupmed into the ocean. There are other sources. For example a Unites States aircraft carrier has enough paper work go through it a year that it is enough to sink the ship. How can you help? Try to recycle more plastic products.

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