Friday, February 18, 2011

Ways to Conserve Energy Part-2

by: Morganne Williams

Another place you can conserve energy is in Your Yard.

1. Avoid useing leaf blowers or other dust- blowing technology.

2.Use an electric lawn mower instead of a gas one.

3.Leave grass clippings on the lawn because when they decompose they become fertilizer for the soil.

4.Instead of mulch use recycled wood chips to keep weeds out.

5.Only use the required amount of fertilizer and not more.

6.Try not to use pesticides.

7.Turn your yard into a wildlfe habitat; not only can you help the environment, but you would have a lot of fun doing it.

8.Rent or borrow things that you don't use a lot instead of buying them.

9.Use non-hazardous components to take action like planting marigolds in your garden instead of pesticides to get rid of pests.

10.Create a compost pile with fallen leaves and other yard debris.

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