Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Recently, the very well known company, Google, announced a five billion dollar project to power the US East Coast with wind from the Atlantic Ocean. This project is an ambitious attempt to spur alternative energy. They would set up offshore wind turbines from New Jersey to New York. They are the most densley populated places in the United States and suffered blackouts in 2003. Google said it would provide 37.5% of the funding for this project. The director of green operations and stradegies at Google, Rick Needham, described the project as a "super highway" for alternative energy. It would create jobs for US citizens and eventually provide enough energy to power 1.9 million houses. Good Energies and Marubeni companies are also contrubuting funds to the project. In 20 years, wind power could eventually supply 1/5 of the worlds electricity. The project is just the beginning of what energy could possibly be like in the future.

by Rhyan Montgomery

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