Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Nuclear Power

By: Rachel Skillicorn

Nuclear Power is a great solution for the demand of energy. By the year 2030 energy is expected to grow 50%. It is said to be a clean, safe, affordable kind of energy and the support has been increasing from both sides of the political party and most people who care about the environment and if not that, saving money are starting to grow supportive of this new idea. In the simple way nuclear power works when the heat created by a nuclear chain is used to boil water. The steam produced from it goes to electrical genorators that convert into mechanical energy. 430 nuclear power plants have been set up in 30 countries around the world and in some countries in Europe, they use nuclear power for 40% of their electricity. Although there is one negative thing about them and that is they produce a little amount of waste, but can be disposed safely. This is where are country is headed to.

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