Monday, April 19, 2010

The World's Top 10 Polluters

The information for the data to be given was collected from statistics in 2006 and compiled in 2007 by the CDIAC for United Nations. If you would like to see the complete list, please go to

(The number that comes after the specific country is measured in thousands of metric tons. The percentage shown afterwards is the total percentage of the world's emissions that the country makes up.)

  1. China 6,103,493 21.5%
  2. United States 5,752,289 20.2%
  3. Russia 1,564,669 5.5%
  4. India 1,510,351 5.3%
  5. Japan 1,203,409 4.6%
  6. Germany 805,090 2.8%
  7. United Kingdom 568,520 2.0%
  8. Canada 544,680 1.9%
  9. South Korea 475,248 1.7%
  10. Italy 478,148 1.7%
Also listed was the European Union, placing after the U.S. and before Russia. As it isn't technically a country, I'll give you the statistics here:

European Union 3,914,359 13.8%

However, this data is only based on the burning of fossil fuels in 2006, not on any other form of carbon emission. Other pollutants like methane or emissions from activities like deforestation and fossil fuel exporters, etc, are not included in this data either.

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