Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Toyota: Moving Forward.... to what?

Now, you may say that Toyota would be a strange company to look into for future cars after the issues that some models have had with sticky pedals, but I find their concept cars not only original, but also extremely interesting and attractive for hybrid cars. Toyota's concept cars are not as compact and, frankly, ugly as other cars on the market. Obviously, as these cars are only concepts at the moment, I really believe that they could easily sell to anyone searching for an efficient car if they were to sell today. But, really, don't take my word for it! Here are the pictures of several different models currently known to the public.

Toyota PM Toyota FT-HS

Toyota Fine-S

For further information, and the rest of the cars, please go to http://www.toyota.com/concept-vehicles/fines.html

P.S. The pictures above aren't the only cars, just my favorites from the bunch! : )

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