Sunday, February 17, 2008

Wind Energy

By Wyatt
Wind energy is air in motion. Uneven heating in the Earth’s air causes wind. Capturing this air and converting it into energy with turbines produces wind energy.
In a wind turbine wind makes the blades rotate. As these blades rotate, a generator is powered which creates energy that can be stored for later use.
Wind energy is environmentally safe because it uses natural resources that do not consist of burning fuels or gases to create energy. This energy type is easy to use and doesn’t require care. All that is needed is for someone to set it up then it can work from there.
The placement of a wind turbine is the most important step of all. Wind turbines need to be placed where they can receive large amounts of wind. However to much wind could destroy the blades of the turbine. Wind speeds exceeding 20mph can completely destroy wind turbines.

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