Monday, May 2, 2011

An Expert Solar Power Harvester

Did you know that the common Oriental Hornet that we find in our gardens use solar power? The hornet utilizes solar power and produces electricity. If we could discover how it the hornet manages it, it would make things easier and revolutionize future solar power harvesting. A research team at Tel Aviv University have been researching the insect, and trying to mimic it's solar power qualities. They have learned that the exoskeleton works by converting the abdomen of the hornet into small solar cells. Other studies indicate that the hornet's harvesting capacity is based on the amount of intensity from the sun. Temperature, humidity and solar radiation are factors in what makes this hornet more active during the afternoon. They've found that UB V rays are one of the reasons that the bug has different activity levels during different parts of the day. Researchers have tried to duplicate the body structure of this hornet to harvest solar energy for electricity producion, but they have been unsucessful. Efforts are continuing to create a model and find a way to use the insect for power solutions.


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