Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Eco Friendly Hotel!

By Rhyan Montgomery

The Whitepod Resort in Les Cerniers, Switzerland has an interesting eco-friendly concept that has not been seen in hotels before.The resort hotel rooms are located in small white pods. The aim of the Whitepods is to create a suistanable way of tourism that helps guests be connected to the nature surrounding them, but have minimal impact on the environment. There is a limit on water usage and electricity is barely used because of the wooden stoves and oil lamps. They try to use as much local and suistanable materials and fuels as they can. The resort also tries to educate guests on how to preserve the environment. The rooms even have organic bedding! This resort allows you have a comfortable vacation, connect with nature, and also keeps you aware of minimal impact you are having on the environment and the energy you are saving!


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