Monday, April 18, 2011

Electronic Skin Powered by Stretchable Solar Cells!

A Stanford reasearcher named Zhenan Boa is working on creating a "Super Skin" that is powered by renewable solar energy. Boa and her team have successfully built a sensor that is flexible and sensitive to pressure. It is even able to detect the pressure of a landing fly! It has been made of simple polymers and carbon based materials that together, create a flexible organic transistor. This Super Skin is useful for detecting new types of diseases. With this skin, they can equip it onto a robot and the robot can detect new types of diseases and the side effects of the disease. The stretchable material is stronger and is very usefull in many circumstances and scenarios. Boa has also managed to create a green version of the transistor. This transisitor is made of materials that are biodegradable. This Super Skin is a huge advancement in technology. It will also help with scientific reaseach and experiments. Plus, it's environmentally friendly and uses solar energy!


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