Monday, March 28, 2011

Western Colorado Carbon Neutral Bioenergy Consortium Project

WCCNBC (Western Colorado Carbon Neutral Bioenergy Consortium) is a project to explore using local plant material and processing them for local use at a small scale power plant built by Colorado Mountain College. The project is said to test the capacity of the region to grow low input, high-biomass bioenergy crops. So as a result of this project, grasses and cacti will be grown in Fruita, carbondale, and Rifle. These crops do not need the space that normal food crops need. The material will be converted to butanol, and butanol can be pumped into your car immediatly. Butanol is no more efficient than ethanol. This project is appealing because these grasses and cactiu can easily be replicated in other desert areas. -Info gathered from sustainability article by Adele Israel in the Grand Junction Sentinel

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