Monday, January 11, 2010

Electroysis: Another Way to Remove Rust Using Electricity

By Philip

You use elecricity every day for the normal things like lights and powertools, but do you ever think about the things you can do that quietly use electricity that no one ever hears about? Electrolysis is a process involving transferring a current through an electrolyte. This is usuallly used for removing rust by the homeowners, although there are many other uses for it too, such as making hydrogen. It is a very useful process that is also uses very easily procured parts. The idea is that you put the negative charge of a 12 volt car battery on the part you're restoring, suspended in a solution of Sodium Carbonate(Arm and Hammer Washing Soda is the norm). Put the posotive charge of the battery on the anode and hook up. When the electricity goes through the cathode the negative charged ion carries ruat particles with it, depositing the rust on the anode. Although electrolysis sounds complicated, it's really not. With a little bit more research, it can be extremely useful.

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