Thursday, March 6, 2008

Real Solar Cooking

by Scott

As the hunger for power rises, new alternative ways of getting energy are emerging. A new power plant has begun to run just south of Las Vegas, Nevada. It is not your typical solar plant with many panels placed to create electricity. This plant places many mirrors throughout the desert. The mirrors focus light onto a certain fluid and heats it enough to make steam to turn a turbine. This plant, conveniently placed where sun is not an issue, could power several large hotels in Las Vegas with the neon included. Another 10 plants are in planning for California, Arizona, and Nevada. These 10 plants would produce as much power as three nuclear reactors and can be built in two years, compared to the decade-long process of building a nuclear plant. This is a good advance to alternateve energy as a larger part of energy production.

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Anonymous said...

This is exciting. Hope it works as well as it sounds...