Friday, February 15, 2008

Land and Sea

By Riley Ruse

Have you ever wished that you could drive and dive? Your prayers have been answered. A Swiss company called Rinspeed has developed a concept car that will let you fly. This car is known as the one and only sQuba. It has all the features of a sports car mixed in with an underwater submarine. Squba can drive on roads and with the push of a button dive up to 10 meters or 33 feet underwater. This car is a true science fiction story becoming true. Best of all it runs on clean safe lithium batteries. This underwater convertible isn’t designed to be dry inside the car but not to worry; the car comes with its very own oxygen breathing system so you are dressed in a high-tech scuba diver mask. Rinspeed says this only a concept car and that the best is still to come.


Anonymous said...

James Bond eat your heart out!

Anonymous said...

Excelent imagination on what mightbecopme factin the future. Example: Flash Gordon ect.