Thursday, February 28, 2008

DOW still hopes to halt drilling in wildlife habitat

By Landon

New Castle, Colorado-A Colorado Division of Wildlife protest placed against the sale of federal mineral lease parcels underneath the Garfield Creek State Wildlife Area near New Castle may take up to six months to resolve.

Jamie Gardner, a spokesperson for the BLM(Bureau of land management), said that the agency will conduct a full "review and analysis" of the DOW protest. "We will look back-through our documentation to make sure we didn't miss anything."

The DOW, in late January, sent a letter to the BLM asking that they would delay the sale of mineral parcel underneath the habitat because it was a crucial winter range for the animals. The agency has taken the DOW's interests into heart. they have planned to drill directionally in order to extract the gas with a minimum amount of surface damage to the wildlife's habitat. However, the DOW has to accept a lease for this to go into action.

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