Friday, November 2, 2007

Xcel delays coal-gasifecation plant, citing cost

Rocky Mountain News
November 1, 2007

By Landon

Xcel Energy is delaying plans for a Colorado power plant because of cost concerns and the desire to find project partners.
Xcel doesn't actually need the power from the plant (which would be fueled by synthetic gas that is derived from coal). The plant would use a process known as "Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle."
Xcel delayed the project to study "IGCC" more thoroughly. Xcel pushed the planned completion date back to 2016. The delay was reported Tuesday, October 30, by the Denver Business Journal.


Students Studying Energy Sources said...

If Xcel says it doesn't NEED the power from the proposed coal plant, and it does NEED a money partner, then why do it in the first place?

Students Studying Energy Sources said...

Xcel needs help on money for building the plant, but doesn't need the profit that the plant will bring.